Netflix Binges

Here’s some of my recent Netflix Binges.

Money Heist

I heard about Money Heist a while ago and never got round to watching it, but the other week I gave it a go and loved it. It’s a Spanish tv show about a group of robbers who rob the Spanish Mint. The show is dubbed so that takes some getting used to, but I think you can watch the subtitle version too. Once you get over the fact it’s dubbed, it’s a really good show. The characters are likeable and the actors who play them are great. It’s a well written show and has some real moments of genius which reminded me of Prison Break. It’s as good as any American or British tv show. I can’t wait for season four in April.


Power is back for it’s sixth and final season. I really like this show, it has a great story and cast. The show has been pretty consistent since the start and has been great to watch. The final season has mixed reviews from fans, but a final season of a show always has these thoughts were some people aren’t happy how it ends. Especially with Game Of Thrones which was a pretty bad final season and soured me on the show a bit. There’s one episode left so hopefully it’ll be a good ending and although Power is ending we’re getting a spin off Tommy show, which is pretty cool his story will continue.

The Witcher

The Witcher arrived on Netflix at the end of December and I’ve got to say I like it. I don’t know a lot about The Witcher’s previous incarnations in video games and books, but the story it told was pretty good. Henry Cavill was great in this show, he had some great action scenes and funny moments, the rest of the cast were great and the cgi was good too. The story was a little confusing in parts, but it all made sense in the end and I’m looking forward to see what happens in season two.

An Interview With stevedestruct

In this interview I talk to Steve all about music, vinyl and Hair Metal Monday.

Steve: I’m Steve Rabideau, aka @stevedestruct. I actually sort of hate that handle now, but I use it because I got Instagram a couple years before I started actually using the app, and that handle was what I did all my band business online with. The name came from a short lived band I was in called Self Destruct. The band was a self fulfilling prophecy but people in our scene started calling me that and it stuck.

Anyway, I’m happily married with twin daughters and an English Bulldog. Born in Windsor, Ontario Canada, but now I live just outside of the city in a small town called Belle River. I am an HVAC Technician (heating and cooling) by trade. I played in bands off and on from about 1997 to 2008. My first serious band Upstart released a 4 song EP in 2002. We were a Hardcore Punk band, sorta like Sick Of It All with a little more Rock ‘n Roll. The last serious band I was in was called Lunacy and we released a full length album in 2007. The sound of the album is Black Album Metallica meets the Metalcore of the time. I’m really proud of it and think it turned out great. If anyone wants to hear it, it’s not online but let me know.

I started listening to music when I was 11 years old when my Dad brought home a tape that was in a used car he bought. The tape was a band called Metallica. I knew the name as I saw older kids in school wearing their T Shirts. It was …And Justice For All and when I popped the tape in it started on the clean part of “One”. By the time the song was done my life had changed. I spent the next bunch of years getting super into Metal and Hard Rock and when I got to High School I met a group of guys that I eventually played in bands with that got me into Hardcore and Punk Rock. I started playing Bass when I was 13 trying my best to become Cliff Burton. From around that point until I met my wife in 2007 my life pretty much centered around music.

How long have you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

I started collecting records in 2010. This year marks 10 years as a collector. The funny thing is for the first 28 years of my life I thought records were stupid. You can’t play them in a car, you have to handle them with care, you can’t easily skip songs. They force you to pay attention to everything…which now are some of the main reasons I love records. I was given a record player by my cousin who was moving out of the country and couldn’t bring it. It sat in a box for 6 months until I was bored one day and hooked it up, incorrectly in fact. I didn’t even know you needed a preamp. She had given me one of those as well. So after some research and “borrowing” what was left of my parents record collection, I was off and running. The Rolling Stones’ “Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)” was the first record I played and I was hooked. Even on my original rudimentary setup(I still had that Gemini record player when I started my Instagram account, but I’ve since sold it and upgraded) the difference between Analog and Digital had me floored. I started expanding my collection in dollar bins, when you could still get decent stuff in them and actually bought a couple collections online. Both those collections numbered in the hundreds. I kept what I wanted and sold/traded the rest and that allowed me to get some really cool stuff. At one point my collection was a bigger than it is now, but I would rather have quality over quantity. In the last 7-8 years I’ve probably got rid of 500 records. Counting box sets as one, my collection is currently sitting at around 900 records.

Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I had Instagram for a while before I started using it because quite frankly, I’m no photographer and didn’t know what to do with it. I stumbled on the vinyl community and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. When I got into it I had to find my niche. My pictures are mostly basic and I’m just not creative in that way. So within a few months my captions balloned into full blown reviews/opinion pieces. While I haven’t hit a lofty 10k follower plateau, the feedback I get from my account is that people seem to enjoy what I’m writing as I don’t sugarcoat things. If an album or particular pressing is great, I’ll say so, and if it isn’t, I’ll say so too. People seem to appreciate the honesty. I post other things too, Tapes, CD’s and other stuff I like with the same sort of captions. But it’s mostly vinyl.

Hair Metal Monday is doing well that you and Steve G started. When did you two come up with the idea?

Hair Metal Monday is something I sort of stumbled on in early May. My wife and I were building a house and it was a super stressful time. My records were packed away but I still had access to Tapes and CD’s. I was trying to keep my account active until our house was done and could have access to my vinyl again. On a Monday evening after a particularly stressful day I wanted to unwind with some fun music. What’s the most fun music out there? HAIR METAL. I posted a Ratt tape and made the hashtag. The idea is basically that Mondays suck, and hopefully some fun music can make them better. I asked some Vinyl Community friends to participate and it slowly got rolling from there. When my Hair Metal brother Steve G @diggin_n_pickin started posting in August though is when it really started to gain popularity. He shares my love for the genre and took it on his own to promote the hell out of it. His posts are really creative in general and he does hilarious stories with everyone’s posts. If not for him, the hashtag probably would have died and I’d have stopped doing it. I started posting vinyl around that time again, so that helped. We joke around and he calls me the Father of Hair Metal Monday, and I call him the Stepfather.

What’s your favourite vinyl you own and what is your holy grail?

Same answer for both questions. My favorite and my Holy Grail is my original pressing of Metallica’s Ride The Lightning on Megaforce Records in VG+ condition. For those who don’t know, Metallica got their major label deal on Elektra shortly after the release of this album. Elektra bought their contract from Megaforce owner John Zazula with a few stipulations. Megaforce had pressed 75,000 copies of the album on vinyl, which Elektra allowed them to sell with all further pressings being done by Elektra. Megaforce still retained the rights to Kill ‘Em All until 1988 I believe when they reverted to Elektra. Since Megaforce did multiple pressings of Kill ‘Em All vs. the one pressing they did of Ride The Lightning, that’s why you’ll see an original pressing of Ride The Lightning sell for more money than an original pressing of Kill ‘Em All. The funny thing is I bought it before I really knew anything about vinyl and got it for a really great deal. A couple years later I realized what I had and was floored. I’ve heard multiple different pressings of RTL, I even own a Canadian first pressing, and none compare sonically to the original press. From the opening acoustic guitars of “Fight Fire With Fire” to Cliff Burtons growling bass fills on “The Call Of Ktulu”, everything is so crisp and defined. There is apparently a European Music For Nations Direct Metal Mastering pressing that sounds just as good, but that’s one I’ve never heard.

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

In no real order:

Metallica – My first musical love. I don’t love everything they’ve ever done, but there’s no denying their first 5 albums are flawless and Load is a damn good Hard Rock Record. As far as vinyl goes, they are a collectors dream.

Megadeth – While Megadeth’s musical output isn’t as consistent as I’d like it, when they are at their best there’s no one better. They were among the first bands I found after Metallica introduced me to Metal. And straight up, Dave Mustaine is the best riff writer in metal not named Iommi.

Anthrax – Once you find the Metallica and Megadeth, you find Anthrax. Anthrax is a personal favorite due to the fact their music still crushes, but their lyrics aren’t always doom and gloom. They have a sense of humor.

Motley Crue – Around the same time I found Metallica a childhood friends Uncle introduced us to Hair Metal. That’s where my love of the genre started, and the Crue is the best.

Guns N’ Roses – It was hard to love music in the early 90’s and not love Guns N’ Roses. They were the biggest band in the world and were quite literally everywhere. And they rule. Original US pressings of Use Your Illusions 1 & 2 are my white whales.

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time, who would it be and why?

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and in a few cases converse with a few musical heroes of mine including Dimebag Darrell, Scott Ian, Jamey Jasta, Jimmy Gestapo, the guys in Armored Saint, the guys in Sick Of It All, and they were all super cool. But if I had to pick one person, it would be Lemmy. Motorhead is one of my favorite bands and the stories that man could have told, I couldn’t even imagine.

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

One of the reasons I joined the Vinyl Community was for music recomendations, I am sort of a musical recluse. I don’t really seek out new music as much as I should. Cheap vinyl (when it was cheap anyway) helped with that, but I love seeing all kinds of records I haven’t heard of.

As far as TV, I just finished Season 2 of Mindhunter which was great, Chernobyl was a favorite from this year as and When They See Us was heartbreakingly good too. I am very behind on movies due to watching so many with my kids but I watched Dolemite Is My Name last week and it was really good.

My Favourite Movies Of 2019

2019 was a good year for movies, we had some big ones and here’s some of my favourites.


Joker is my favourite movie of 2019. Joaquin Phoenix is amazing as Arthur Fleck. It tells the story of Arthur’s downward spiral into madness and becoming Joker. The story is great, the acting is superb, it’s well directed and written. I throughly enjoyed the movie and it’s one I’ll watch again and again.

Full review here: Joker

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon A Time is well acted by two of the best actors in Hollywood, Leo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are great in this movie. They have good chemistry together too, the rest of the cast are great and the spin on the Manson Family story is crazy. It’s a fun movie, it’s funny and the soundtrack is awesome too.

Full review here:Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Irishman

The Irishman is a great story brought to life by a master story teller in Martin Scorsese. It stars some of the greatest actors of the last few decades, so you would expect this movie to be good. Good news is, it is a good movie. The acting is great and the story is too. It’s a long movie, but it’s worth a watch.

Full review here: The Irishman

Avengers: End Game

Endgame is the end to a ten movie story arc which has never been pulled off before anywhere. Marvel really pulled off something amazing which has been tried since, but hasn’t been replicated to the success that Marvel had. It’s of course a big action superhero movie, but it has some real emotional parts in the movie.

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep had a lot to live up to being a sequel to The Shining, but they managed to pull of a pretty good movie. The cast are awesome in their roles and the movie looks amazing. This is one of my favourite horror movies I’ve seen in years.

Full review here: Doctor Sleep

Rambo: Last Blood

The Story

Vietnam war veteran John Rambo tries to find some semblance of peace by raising horses on a ranch in Arizona. He’s also developed a special familial bond with a family friend and her teenage granddaughter Gabriela, Rambo crises the boarder on a personal quest to rescue her and punish those responsible.

The Good

As a fan of the previous movies I knew exactly what I was going to get here, action and more action. The critics love to rag on a movie, but they don’t always get what a type of movie is. This isn’t going to be an Oscar winner, it’s an old school action movie with an old school action star. The plot is pretty thin, but it’s the final part of the story and finishes it off nicely. The highlight is the big battle at the end in Rambo’s house of horrors.

The Bad

The plot is a little thin and there’s not much back story on how Rambo knows the family he became close with, but you get the picture. Other than that if it take the movie for what it is you’ll enjoy it.

The Verdict

Last Blood is a good old school action movie and a nice finale to Rambo’s story.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of five stars.

The Snap


Imagine if Thanos snapped his fingers and some of the best bands in the world never existed, it would change the world of music and the influence those bands had on other bands to come.

I had this thought after watching Avengers and the movie Yesterday about The Beatles, where something happens and The Beatles never happened. It’s crazy to think how different the world would be without them. I’ve posted a couple of these photos and thoughts on my Instagram: @logicaldjo and I’d thought I’d share it here too.

Pink Floyd

Imagine if Thanos snapped his fingers and Pink Floyd never existed, we wouldn’t have this classic album and band.

We also would never have gotten the synchronisation of The Dark Side Of The Moon album matching The Wizard Of The Oz movie, which I need to check out sometime, it’s on YouTube I’ve heard. I don’t know who discovered this, but they must have been high listening to the album and watching the movie at the same time. It’s crazy how this happened, there’s been lots of talk if that was just a coincidence or by design, either way it’s pretty cool.

The Beastie Boys

Imagine if the snap happened and The Beastie Boys never existed.

We wouldn’t have got this classic album and hip hop wouldn’t have been the same without The Beastie Boys. They influenced a lot of rappers and made it ok that if you’re white and can rap, you can make it in the hip hop world. Eminem was influenced by them and his album cover Kamikaze was influenced by The Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill album cover. So if they never happened we may never have gotten Eminem or other acts that they influenced.

It’s crazy to think that if certain bands or singers never came to be, how different the world would be without them. If Elvis never came along would rock n roll have became as big as it became? Would everyone he influenced have became musicians too?

An Interview With vinylwoman

In this interview I talk to vinylwoman all about music, vinyl and Instagram.

Uliana aka @vinylwoman needs little introduction if you’re a part of the vinyl community on Instagram. I discovered her account before I even knew there was such a thing as a vinyl community. She loves music, has good taste and has a dope account. When I started these interviews I had to interview her… so here we go.

How long have you been you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

I started to collect vinyl around 4 years ago. I’m coming from a household where people were not into any particular music, so I grew up listening to the radio. In my twenties I got into music, and at some point, it became a big part of my life. I started to go to record stores just to wander and see what’s there. Back then I didn’t have any record player so for me it was sort of nonsense to buy records. Then on my birthday I got a gift which was a turntable and one of my favorite albums on vinyl. This is how it started, and now I have around 200 records maybe. I only keep what I actually listen to.

Why did you start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I started it to connect with other music-lovers. Initially it was only about vinyl, now it’s about everything music-related.

You have a good following on Instagram, how are you finding it all?

I really don’t know. I started to post about these things and to some people it seemed interesting. I also met a lot of music-lovers, bands, artists, labels thanks to it, it’s mind-blowing. I guess you just connect because you have things in common, and you have a lot to talk about, a lot to share.

What’s your favourite vinyl you own and what is your holy grail?

Maybe it’s that first vinyl record I got as a gift, it’s when everything takes off. Or maybe it’s a signed copy of Tyranny – The Voidz because I love the whole story around it.

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

The Velvet Underground, Tame Impala, The Strokes, The Voidz, Arctic Monkeys

I’ve seen on your Instagram that you go to a lot of gigs. What’s the favourite one you’ve been to?

Live music is very important, especially in our digital environment. In 2019 I had a pleasure to attend over 70 shows and these were my highlights of the year (in no particular order):

The Voidz at Market Hotel in Brooklyn – they played a really small venue. I’m a big fan of intimate shows and the energy there was absolutely amazing.

King Gizzard at Razzmatazz in Barcelona – smashed it out on the last show of the tour. Probably the craziest show of 2019 for me.

Florence and the Machine at Gov Ball in NYC – it was very emotional. She’s such a magical human. In between of the songs she spoke about acceptance, humanity, healing and forgiveness. I think I still have chills just thinking of that moment.

Fontaines DC at Apolo in Barcelona – I was sort of skeptical, but I got to see them live and I felt in love with what these guys are doing. It’s an absolute “must see” band. They are great people.

The Strokes at BBK Live Festival in Bilbao – you won’t believe it, but it was the first time I saw The Strokes live. So yeah.

I’ve also seen that you’ve done some interviews with bannds. How did that come about?

I was just an occasional concert goer and some run-of-the-mill vinyl records collector. I still am. At some point I started to cover for local artists in Barcelona and to write about music. One day I got an invite to cover for a festival. And then for a gig. And then for another one. The thing just kept rolling. Later in Switzerland I met some well-known band, and we had a great conversation after the show. Then I just started to interview musicians whenever I went for a gig. These were short notes, that eventually grew up to be the long reads. Currently I cover several topics related to artists, events and records, mostly focusing on indie-rock, punk and experimental music.

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

I’d get a grilled chicken with Lou Reed. He’s such an amazing lyricist and musician, he inspired generations of artists and was way ahead of his time. I think he really was incredible and weird-good.


6 Underground

The Story

Six individuals from all around the globe, each the very best at what they do, each the very best at what they do, have been chosen for their skill, but for a unique desire to delete their pasts to delete their future.

The Good

Don’t expect to see a Martin Scorsese masterpiece here, this is just an action movie with a few laughs, that you can sit back and lose yourself to the world for a couple of hours. You can tell it’s a Michael Bay movie with the amount of explosions here too. Some of the action scenes are pretty impressive and the car chase at the start of the movie is great.

The Bad

This movie could have been better if the story was a little better and they added a bit more human emotion into it. Ryan Reynolds was good, but it felt like he was playing Wade Wilson aka Deadpool without the mask and costume at times.

The Verdict

Pretty average action movie with a few laughs thrown in.

⭐️ ⭐️ out of five stars.

An Interview With Celerah

In this interview I talk to Celerah all about music, vinyl and feet?!

How long have you been been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

Growing up my parents had a lot of records. Some of my fondest memories were looking at album art. I collected a few records in high school, still have a few Zeppelin albums from that time, but moved a lot and didn’t really get back into collecting until a couple years ago. At first I just thought it would be fun to pass on a love for a physical medium of music to my daughter. Then it took on a life of it’s own!

Why did you start a vinyl themed Instagram?

When I started this account a year ago, I had no idea there was such a thing as a vinyl community. Other than following a couple of local record stores, I had no idea a vinyl account was a thing.

At the time, I was going through a heartbreak and had lost the one person I really shared music and who inspired me to write again. I was also about to turn 40 and had decided this would be the year I would indulge my love of travel and music by going on more trips, seeing more concerts, and sharing my favorite music. I thought a few people might be interested in the things I love too, so I started a blog and a new Instagram account. After a couple months of posting pictures of records, random stuff, and sharing my poetry, I started getting follows and comments from a few vinyl accounts and it was like finding something you didn’t know you had been looking for. People have given me really good feedback on my poetry, my blog, and the music is just so much fun to share with people all over the world. 

Your new wave Wednesday is going well, which I have taken part in myself. When did you come up with this idea?

When I started collecting vinyl again, I started with new wave because it was a genre I love and the hobby of crate digging, rather than buying new albums, appeals to me. There is always lots of good new wave in crates. Last September I was in the middle of a vinyl challenge and I pulled out some of those first records I bought and realized I wasn’t seeing as much new wave in my feed as I had hoped. One of the most exciting things about the IG vinyl community is finding or discovering old music you may have never heard or forgotten about. I put out a question in my story and got a ton of positive feedback. Almost 40 people joined that first week and 4 months later there are now well over 1,000 #newwavewednesday posts. It has also brought lots of new music into my life and quite a few friends.

In a previous interview I did with Rick Taylor I asked him about your Breaking Bad trip. How was it for you?

That was a lot of fun. When he initially reached out, he mentioned something about a bunny suit and a baseball bat and it sounded crazy, so I was immediately in. He was very nice and so was his daughter. I also saw him for a couple seconds without the sunglasses, so that was exciting. I hope to hang out again. It is nice to have local friends into vinyl. 

I have been lucky to have done a few other in person collaborations with vinyl accounts this year, which has been great.

A huge perk of traveling and being a part of an online community has been getting to meet people in person. Last fall, I was able to hang out with a vinyl community friend who does a pop culture podcast in Dallas and often takes part in new wave Wednesdays. Then I took a trip to Chicago just to meet vinyl community members from all over the country, dig through stores and a warehouse of records, and some of us even stayed in an apartment together. It seemed crazy at first to go and stay with people you just recently met online, but everyone has been so nice and authentic. Some people were even more amazing in person than I could have ever imagined. Now when I go places, like when I was in Portland over the holidays, I am able to get together with and enjoy a community of friends I already feel close to. It’s been amazing and very special. I look forward to lots of vinyl community get togethers this year and have a few places in mind I really want to visit.

What’s your favourite vinyl you own and what is your holy grail?

My favorite vinyl? Yikes, that’s hard. I have a few Bowie and Smiths OPs that are special to me and I am partial to my Joy Division bootlegs, but I think my favorite is my original pressing of The The: Soul Mining. While it is not super valuable, it was one of my more exciting finds in the wild. I think I freaked out the people around me when I squealed. I also loved posting it with my daughter. It’s always fun to get her involved in my love of music. 

As for my holy grails/white whales, they are all 90s albums that have not been rereleased. The first being Dusk by The The. Such an underrated album, but has some of my favorite songs ever. Wish, which is my favorite Cure album for lots of sentimental reasons. Finally, American Psycho by The Misfits. That album just gets me amped like nothing else. 

I am really hoping for some anniversary releases of them in the next few years. I would be happy to have them any way I could. 

Who’s in your top five of favourite bands?

Well, Depeche Mode and Joy Division are definitely up there. Pink Floyd and The Beatles have been with me the longest. After that it is probably a toss up between Portishead, Beastie Boys, and Scorpions. All for different reasons. 

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

The first that comes to mind is David Bowie. I just think he lived such an amazing life, created so much, influenced so many people and bands I love. Plus, he was my first celebrity crush before I knew what a crush was. All I knew is that I would choose to stay in the Goblin City… 

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

I am a huge movie buff. My first job was at a video store, but I don’t watch as much new stuff as I used to. My favorite movie this year was probably The Joker.

Most of the movies I watch at home are music related or from my childhood. I just saw a great documentary on The Stooges, as well as the Netflix docs on Nina Simone and Sam Cooke. Really amazing stories. Other than that I like 80s movies. Teen Witch is one of my all time not-so-guilty pleasures.

As far as tv, Twin Peaks and Stranger Things are favorites, but the shows I have have been watching lately are Mrs. Maisel, You, the Magicians, and The Man in the High Castle, but am saving the final season of that for a massive binge. I am also a big sci-fi/fantasy junky, Canada has put out some killer shows lately, Orphan Black especially. 

What’s with all the photos of your feet?

My feet were accidentally in pictures for months that I never posted, until one day last summer I sat down with a glass of wine to look at liner notes and thought “oh, I should take a picture of this.” Not long after that @vinylandfeet reached out saying he was starting and account and could he share some of my pictures. Voila!: foot model! Since then it has been all good fun and honestly, my feet are always photogenic first thing in the morning, while the rest of me is not. It has also allowed me to find lots of other women vinyl collectors. Many of those other feet are my friends now. An unexpected bonus to this vinyl account has been an amazing community of women who support each other and share our passion for music is what often seems like a male dominated hobby. Many of us have a lot more in common than people would guess and it is refreshing to find in social media and the real world.


An Interview With fauxnottslp Part Deux

Sean is back for part deux of his interview… so here we go.

Who’s in your top five of bands?

This is a good question as it changes every week, as im sure a lot of your readers are in the same boat. 


So number one for me is a band called The Editors, grim , dark and poetic I mean what more do you want from a band right? dull dark lyrics seem to speak to me a lot more than just throw away meaningless ramble. If I had to choose one album for someone to start with these guys it would be their debut album ”The Back Room” full on indie screamers! I recently brought there black gold album , its a greatest hits album and I got the 7′ boxset to accompany the album and I daren’t open it! haha does anyone else do that haha… just me… ok.

Number 2 would have to be another dark, damp poetic band… it’s of course The Smiths.

It took me ages to get into these guys and I don’t have to tell anyone about them really, their legacy speaks for itself. I know Morrisey is not everyones favourite guy at the moment, but I’m here for the music… that’s it, not interested in his views or any other really. I spent the whole summer listening to the smiths this year and it put them at the top of my Spotify wrapped list!! I was really obsessed by them… I mean totally gone! I loved every word he sang, every note they played I had to have it!

Number 3. Mr Bob Dylan

This comes from working on nights like I mentioned earlier in the interview. I jumped on his sound and absolutely loved it!! I must say I like the early Dylan, you know the 60’s and 70’s Dylan. I believe his sound and lyrics define those eras for me pretty well! again its meaningfull lyrics that capture me! and of course Bobbys got it all!

Number 4. Wham.

I’m not even kidding! I mean if I wanted to be cool in the 80’s I’d adopt Georges style and run with it! I know their known to be a bit of a gay kinda band (sorry I didn’t know how to word that, but ya know what I mean) I recently listened to the final by wham and was blown away! its just so happy, danceable music!

You’re sad are ya??.. wham!

Money troubles?…wham!

Cats died?… wham! 

its just music to instantly cheer you up and for that im paying homage and they get the number 4 slot!!

Number 5 Gerry & the Pacemakers. A sound of the sixties. I’ll rephrase that … a UK sound of the 60s! part of the mersey beat that gets me every time and I think if The Beatles didn’t exist… these guys would have filled them big shoes pretty well. I think I’ve chosen these because of my love for the era and just the whole romantic sound they have! I mean ferry across the mersey and don’t let the sun catch you crying have seen me through some testing times .. so gerry if your reading this … thank you! haha! I hope he is!

If you could have dinner with any musician from any time who would it be and why?

Ok so this is question ive had to think about a fair bit to be honest, I mean a lot would say Lennon, Johnny cash or George Harrison but for me if I had to pull up a chair and have a hour with it would have to be the genius that is the late Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones. So many questions!! He really did the rock and roll thing, I’d defo ask him… what happened when he died? For those who don’t know he was found in his swimming pool drowned and its been showed in mystery on how and why or even… who? but I mean this guy could get a tunes out of anything, my personal opinion is he was the genius behind the bands early days! my opinion of course! but yeah brain jones! a true master of music!

Any recommendations on movies, tv shows or music?

Ok so I recently watched the Witcher on Netflix. It was alright… I felt it could be a little bit more dark like the game is but I read that they have taken this comment on board and the second season is getting darker. so that’s good news! have a look if you’ve not watched it though!

Now I haven’t been to the cinema in a while because there’s nothing out id like , so bare with me on the movies part although having said this I recently watched The Avengers: End Game over Christmas. Now I’m not the guy that wears the Captain America t-shirts or reads the comics but the Marvel movies are so well made and so visually pleasing! I couldn’t tell ya who any of em are but great movie!!

Now then music recommendations… Uriah heap! a British band from the 70’s that truly make you think how come these weren’t massive!! killer riffs and a front man that would give the likes of Teddy Lee a run for his money! if you haven’t heard em try listening the Gypsey by them! killer track, a real rattlesnake!

After our conversation the other week about Jimmy Nail, who do you think would win in a fight between Jimmy Nail and Liam Gallagher?

Now me and David had a conversation about how rock hard Jimmy Nail is once! haha! Mr Jimmy Nail would wipe the floor with anyone and if I got caught in a bar fight im convinced all I need on my side would be Jimmy Nail and Sean bean and I’ll be right! haha

What about you lot? 2 people to have on your team in a bar fight? haha one for the readers! 

Of course Jimmy Nails music is brilliant too so he falls under my recommendations! haha you lucky folks!!

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An Interview With fauxnottslp

In this interview I talk to Sean all about music, vinyl and Instagram.

Sean: “I grew up on a council estate in a small Derbyshire town of Ilkeston in the UK and ever since I can remember music has been a massive part of my life, like a lot of us my parents grew up through the golden era of the 60s and 70s so in the background of me playing with my teenage mutant ninja turtles figures was a eray of top hits from these decades.” 

“The beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Dave Clarke Five all of which I though was boring grandad music… at the time of course.”

“I have a younger brother and by the time we were ready for our own musical journeys we were into things like Dr Dre, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. We had a portable CD player in our shared room with we constantly used and may I say… constantly fell out about haha! But we embraced every song that got shoved out of those dry speakers.”

“A little later on in life I grew up and fell in love with Hip-Hop. And why not? All my friends where banging things like Lloyd banks, 50 Cent and Eminem. These guys provided the sound of my teen years! I still find myself drifting back to their tunes now and again. Its a memory lane trip! Haha!”

“Ok.. this is the bit where my whole musical taste got flipped on its head and twisted a full 180!”

“My first job I was on nights on my own , all I had to keep me company through until 5am every morning was a old battered iPod dock that I sat my iPod shuffle into and could have as loud as I wanted… I started to embrace music a lot more as full works of art and instead of flicking through albums to repeat my fave song I just pressed play and let the album play. It started with The Beatles and quickly moved onto people like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and that was it. I was stuck in a time slip and fully embraced and loved the art and effort that went into these album’s.”

“So 4 years of being on nights I got through some of the greatest albums of all time and even made some pretty good discoveries of my own and I would go home and talk to my dad about a album I was loving at the time … more than likely a Bob Dylan album to be honest! I love Dylan.”

“Annnnd this is where it started he said I’ve got a few Dylan albums you could have, but there on vinyl though and I remember holding highway 61 in my hands and thinking I love this! The original way it was supposed to be listened to! On a 12” bit of plastic… I was sold.”

“That year I asked for a record player for Christmas and Santa delivered! My dad continued to give me record after record and I had about 10 LP’s in my collection and I thought… they look mint on the shelf! Better than cds or tapes (although I started on tapes now haha) I brought a kalax unit and I was away… it looked great… but I only had 10 LPs and it looked empty… what was I supposed to do man? I had to fill em and now I’m here as I write this listening to a numbered first pressed white album with 3 full kallax unit full of the like of the greatest bands of all time! … do they do rehab for vinyl junkies? Haha!”

How long have you been collecting records and how many do you have in your collection?

Ok so recently my father passed away and he always said he would leave me his records and well that’s what happened so I’m at about 900 plus the last count, with coming to think of it is ALOT! I really am lucky to be able to dedicate a whole room to my records so I have a bit of room to get carried away. For this I’m thankful for. I have a very addictive personality so I get carried away with these sort of projects and well…. It shows haha! Its a good question because I brought about 20 records from a antique centre just recently and I mean these things where cheap… I mean I got Kate bush’s whole story album for a quid… so like always I can’t just take that album and run …no I have to buy a bag full. I took them to my dad something I always did, I took him my new additions for a listen and he asked me this…

“When does buying records stop?’

I replied “never” 

He said… “good lad”

Hahaha! Nowt like a bit of encouragement from ya old man is there!? Ha!

Ive been collecting for around 3 years now and I don’t intend stopping anytime soon so lord help my wallet! Haha I JUST CANT HELP MYSELF!!!!!!!  ( I know any collector feels me on this one!)

Sounds like a cool dad, pretty cool you got his collection and yeah the vinyl collecting doesn’t stop. Why did you decide to start a vinyl themed Instagram?

I love this question… I mean I’ve never really been big on social platforms because well basically I’m a bit of a boring human being I go to work and I come home and I get ready to go again! But you know I had something to show off now I had rare pressings of various bands all well looked after in my shelfs and well I didn’t want to bore people 

I knew with saying “look at this first pressing of please please me’’ as good as my mates are they would say ‘’yeah cool’’ but that wasn’t enough for me I needed like minded people to be as excited as me about a bit of plastic so I started using facebook, joining different groups and posting up different albums until I was a little bit misinformed about one of my albums. I got comments that were a little bit “catty’’ and decided it wasn’t for me so I thought I know I’ll have a look at instagrams hash tags and my mind was blown with hundreds of thousands of photos of LPs and the comments where so kind and thoughtful… people were getting enthusiastic together I thought this is it!!!

The day after I joined up and posted a really bad taken picture of my king crimson albums… haha it was the least arty thing ever it was like the albums had photo bombed a photo of my carpet haha! It got 40 likes and I was buzzing!! And from there I started getting arty with my shots and doing stories as my follower count went up! I was loving it and I can safely say everyone I’ve met through instagrams vinyl community has been lovely! I even received a xmas gift for 2 of them this year… that’s people I’ve never met before in my life , just a love of good music and vinyl that connect people in a way no outsider will ever understand!

I just want to add that I always follow back and I’m always interested in what people post and I love you all for being as enthusiastic as me!

What’s the favourite vinyl you own and what’s your holy grail?

A few months ago I acquired one of my holy grails and well I got stupid excited about it and posted stories of me singing to it, explaining and showing off said record. If any of my followers are reading this they know what I’m talking about. It is of course the South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut soundtrack.

It was a record store day 2019 release and with only 2000 made worldwide well you can imagine how hard this was to get a hold of on the day so I did what I had too… I went on eBay and bought one for about double the price it was selling in shops for! I hate that about RSD, the vultures that go in and buy to sell… HATE THAT!

But yeah I got stupid excited and posted aload of videos on my instagram getting carried away! Haha there still on there so pop n see for yourself eh haha!

So now I’m left with 2 other holy grails I desperately want in my over full kallax Ikea shelving. One of these is a real weird one as well so please believe me when I say I can’t get it anywhere and I know a lot of you will say ”discogs it’’ naaahh mate I’m the ash catchem of the vinyl world I want to score in the wild and be blown away when I finally find it!

Ok so the first one is ‘’Tennessee Ernie ford – sixteen tones the 1959 album and it has to be on original first pressing , you can get the repressed version but I want the original, so if anyone has this hit me up eh haha! The thing is its not really worth a lot at all , at most £5. But its a fantastic album and I want that original in my shelves ASAP!

The second one is a game soundtrack… very pricey , yet a epic soundtrack! Its the soundtrack to the 2014 game Skyrim. There not to many pressed and well obviously that effects the pricing … alot! Ha! I’ve seen one on eBay and I’m debating weather to just bite the bullet and hit buy now and live on super noodles all week… it won’t be the first time!

The best lp I own is a bloody good question not so much one record but a group of I think , I have my dads collection of beatles mono records and I hold those very dear. So yeah those. But ask me tomorrow and ill tell you different! Ahaha! Changes a lot

I recently saw Slowthai at Newcastle University, I saw that you have a signed record by him. Did you meet him?

Ok so this was a accident. Being a massive fan of the grime scene and UK rap I follow a lot of accounts that basically say the next big thing is… this guy. So I am very lucky I live nearly next door to one of the 4 Rough Trade shops and venues. I saw slowthai on a video and decided to get tickets and buy the package where u get his record and chance to get it signed after the gig. The gig was off the charts, crammed into a living room sized venue with blasting tunes and everyone just there for the same thing… music. Properly enjoyed it! And then I met the dude after and the first thing I noticed was his energy, he was just buzzing and smiling like a jackal. He mumbles a little bit so he’s a little hard to understand but I just said ‘’great gig’’ like a proper fan boy haha! Made myself cringe and he said he like my t-shirt, a Marilyn Manson one and he signed my lp and that was it. If your reading this and have never heard of him, his opportunity to deliver his message of a post Brexit Britain. A real gem this lad! Check him out!

Part deux of our interview is coming tomorrow.

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